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Streamlined tools for one-click exam paper creation, standard-setting, blueprints, and psychometric reports.

About Rubritic

Rubritic An innovative AI based platform for making your assessment process robust. Integrated state-of-the art tools for conducting quality assessments through AI assisted question authoring, review-approve system with built in one-click paper creation, standard-setting, blue print management and psychometric reports and so on.

  • Prepare error- free and well-balanced Exam Paper with a button click in no time. No need to be a subject expert, any exam or assessment paper is ready.
  • Assessment framework or blue print management. Prepare questions distributed to chapters, types of questions and marks.
  • Author different types of questions save as draft and send for peer-review approval.
  • Use AI to convert text of any subject to different type of questions in no-time
  • Conduct standard-set using Ebel or Modified-Angoff’s method during peer-review process.
  • Bulk import questions questions can be imported into the system from any resources. Export exam paper for paper-based or LMS based exams.
  • Obtain detailed Psychometric Reports for each exam to understand the reliability of the exam, facility index and discriminative index of each question used.
  • Maintain the record of usage of question in every exams. Use combination of un-used and standard questions.
  • Hassle free formatting. No need to do any formatting of question paper. System generates well-formatted paper based on template definitions.
  • No recurring errors and repeated corrections every time during exam. Use master copy of each question to reproduce for exams.

Philosophy of Our System

Built by the educators with decades of experience in teaching, administration and research in higher and teritiary education. Tested and developed based on the need of the sector.

Why Quality?

Quality assessments in educational institutions serve as a vital tool for measuring learning outcomes, providing feedback, ensuring accountability, aligning curriculum, personalizing instruction, promoting standardization, and facilitating program evaluation and improvement.

Our innovative software, RUBRITIC© supports the overall goal of enhancing educational quality and student success.

Helps you to maintain Quality Assurance through data-driven insights

Use of Artificial Intelligence

By leveraging AI for random question selection, RUBRITIC© ensures fair and unbiased exams while efficiently utilizing a vast pool of questions to create assessments that effectively evaluate students' knowledge and skills. The main future of our system comes packed with:

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques for automated question creation
  • Question Pool Management
  • Randomization Algorithms & Adaptive Randomization
  • Constraints and Rules
  • Efficiency and Speed
  • Statistical Analysis & Psychometric Reports

Smart System

Smart Question Bank Management SystemCreating error-free questions in examinations is vital to ensure accuracy, fairness, validity, reliability, student confidence, motivation, efficient resource utilization, and the reputation of educational institutions.

It is a fundamental aspect of maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of the assessment process. RUBRITIC© leverages AI powered algorithms to create and manage questions with these features.

Feature-rich Software

Developed from Years of Experience & Research

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